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IT law

Software agreements, IT project management

  • Ongoing counselling for providers and buyers of IT services in the field of
    • Software licenses
    • Software support
    • Outsourcing / Hosting / Services
    • Software Development
    • Software consulting
    • Large-scale IT projects
    • Implementation of standard agreements (e.g. master agreements, general terms and conditions) and of legal procedures for the current business
  • Designing and negotiating of project agreements in German and English
  • Negotiating support for closing deals based on many years of negotiating experience in ORACLE and SAP environments
  • Legal IT project management
  • Legal project management


Software audit protection for user organizations

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Supporting user organizations in software audit situations and with license management services with the consulting package auditprotect, which is designed for protecting users against unjustified claims raised by big vendors and for optimization of their software portfolio. Audit related publications regarding SAP and Oracle licensing problems:




Lecturer for „IT-Management (MBA)“ and "Business Information Technology" (Mannheim)


Designing of international agreements

  • Designing and negotiating complex individual project agreements in English
  • Implementation of standard agreements for the daily business (e.g. master agreements, distribution agreements, general terms and conditions)
  • Support for the closing of contracts based on more than 25 years negotiating practice, also in English

Lecturer in Master studies for "Negotiating and Designing Contracts" and „International Contract Law“ (Frankfurt/Heidelberg)


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